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March 2019


 Exam paper

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PostSubject: Exam paper   Sat 21 Feb - 14:47

The Text
Technology today is
growing in an alarming rate. Things that seemed impossible only a few
years ago are now a reality. Cloning has been one of the greatest leaps
in technology that Man has ever dreamed of.
Cloning is the process of creating a copy of a plant or an animal that is genetically identical to the original.
started thousands of years ago with farmers cloning plants to produce a
greater number of a specific plant with faster growth, larger seeds and
sweeter fruit.
Cloning had a long history. In 1952; thefirst
successful cloning experiment took place. Scientists Robert Briggs and
Thomas King from the UK, successfully cloned a frog.
With the recent
cloning of a sheep named Dolly in 1996 in Scotland, the world is
worried because scientists began to think about cloning humans.
should be stopped because it would create so many different problems
such as: it destroys individuality and uniquness, will cause over
population and is against many religions and moral beliefs.
Part One (14 pts)

Section one : Reading comprehention (7pts)
A Read the text and answer the following questions (3pts)
-What is the text about?
-In which paragraph it is mentioned that: a team from the UK were the first to successfully clone an animal?
-Which sentence best summerizes paragraph 3?
a-The history of cloning goes back to thousands of years ago.
b- The possibility of human cloning raised when Dolly was cloned.
c- Nowadays, scientists can clone plants and animals.
B Complete the table with the dates that correspond to the following events (2pts)
Events Dates
First cloned animal appeared ................
Dolly was cloned ................
C Lexis: What do these words mean? Choose the correct meaning a, b or c (2pts)
To clone means to make: a- acopy b- an experiment c- a research
Ago means: a- up to now b- before now c- after now
Sweeter fruits means fruit that contain a lot of
a- vitamins b- water c- sugar
Successfully means an activity done with:
a- failure b- difficulty c- success
Section two: Mastery of Language (7pts)
A-Spot the mistake and correct it (1pt)
Scientists will not be able to clone a human, won't they?
B- Choose the siutable prfix to form the opposite (2pts)
Words Opposites
successful ...................
moral ...................
agree ..................
C- Match the questions in column A with their answers in column B (2pts)
-Who could clone plants first? In Scotland.
-When did the 1st cloned animal appear? No, it isn't.
-Where was Dolly cloned? Old farmers did.
-Is Dolly still alive? In 1952.
D -Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their onsonant sounds (2pts)
Technology / Thing / Should / Such

Part Two

Integration phase (written expression ) (6pts)
are lucky today. We have all the facilities that make our life easier
and more comfortable. In the past old people had a hard life.
to your grand parents' experiences, use the following notes to write a
paragraph abot how old people lived many years ago.

In the past, people /not have /ready supply /water / electricity
they /fetch /water /steams / rivers
/use candles / kerosene lamps / to lighten up /
/ cook / wood and charcoal stoves
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Honour Member
Honour Member

PostSubject: Re: Exam paper   Sat 21 Feb - 19:51

Thank you too much, sir
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Head of the Forum
Head of the Forum

PostSubject: Re: Exam paper   Sat 21 Feb - 19:54

May Allah protect you Mr.Hud

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Active Member
Active Member

PostSubject: Re: Exam paper   Sat 21 Feb - 20:56

Thank you brother Hud for the nice work and just want to add that I am very pleased to hear from you after so long absence.
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Active Member
Active Member

PostSubject: Re: Exam paper   Sat 21 Feb - 21:57

Thank you, Mr. Hud for the evaluation paper.

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Thank you dear "Guest" for visiting this thread

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PostSubject: Re: Exam paper   

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Exam paper

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