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May 2019


 Third Term Exam

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Third  Term Exam Vide
PostSubject: Third Term Exam   Third  Term Exam EmptyFri 27 Mar - 20:50

Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
Ministry of Education
School: ………………………………………………….....
School year: ……. / ……….
Level: 04AM
Third Term English Examination
Timing: ………



In1969, the USA began a series of nuclear tests on a little island near Alaska . At that time ,the Alaskans did not realize that those tests were dangerous . They did not even know what they were happening ! A Canadian decided to do something about this . With some friends they bought a boat which they called Greenpeace . And they went to the island in their boat , just when the Americans wanted to explode another bomb.

The Americans had to end testing bombs in Alaska , and the Greenpeace people and their organization have become famous all over the world .

Since then , Greenpeace has never stopped working : its members try to stop people and governments doing things that pollute the environment .


Section One: Reading Comprehension ( 07 Pts)

Activity One: Read the text and answer the following questions : ( 2 pts )

1- In which paragraph is it mentioned that people in Alaska had no idea of what was happening there ? ………………………………………………………………….

2- What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?

Activity Two : Read the text and write '' true '' or '' false ''. Correct the wrong statement (3pts)

1- At the beginning , Greenpeace was the name of a boat. /……………./

2- Greenpeace couldn't prevent the USA from exploding nuclear bombs in Alaska./……./

3- Greenpeace is still fighting pollution . /…………/

Activity Three : ( 2 pts )

1- Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following: ( 1 pt )

a) started = b) named

Find in the text words or phrases that are opposite in meaning to following:

a) safe ≠ b) nowhere ≠

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Third  Term Exam Vide
PostSubject: Re: Third Term Exam   Third  Term Exam EmptyFri 27 Mar - 20:52

Section Two : Mastery of Language (7 pts )

Activity one : Complete the table with the infinitive or the simple past. ( 2 pts )

Infinitive Simple Past

to pollute

to pollute


to become

to try

Activity Two: Reorder the following words to get coherent questions: (3 pts )

1- decide / to create /When /they /? / organization / did / this

2- got / many / has / ? / members / Greenpeace / How

3- I / Greenpeace / ? / join / have to / to / do / What /do

Activity Three :Classify the following words according to pronunciation of final ''ed'' (2pts)

called - decided - stopped - wanted .

Part Two : Integration phase ( Written Expression ) ( 6 pts )

Your schoolmates have created an association because they want to live in a clean district .

Interview one of its members for your school magazine and write down the conversation.

You can use the following clues to help you.

- When you started the association

- Name of the association

- Activities ( what you did/ / are doing )

· do not write names . Use A and B .

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The exam was sent to me by a colleague
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Third Term Exam

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