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March 2019


 Second Term English Test

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PostSubject: Second Term English Test   Fri 27 Mar - 21:07

A Tour

Last Monday Rafik, Betty and Yacine went on a guide tour to the Sahara. Their trip started from Boussaada, and in the afternoon they arrived at Biskra. Yesterday, they visited El-Oued. It is a marvelous town. It is famous for its thousand domes. Today, they are in Touggourt and tomorrow, they will travel to Ouargla. They will go to Hassi Messaoud. Then, they will visit Ghardaia and its famous market.

On their way back to Boussaada, they will stop at Laghouat and have "Mechoui" for lunch.

Part one

Section one: Reading comprehension : ( 07 Pts )

A) Read the text carefully then answer the questions: (03 pts)

1- Where did Rafik, Betty and Yacine go last Monday?

2- What is El-Oued famous for?

3- Where will they Travel Tomorrow?

B) Read the text carefully then say: True or False (02 pts)

1- The trip began from Boussaada. ________

2- They visited El-Oued, yesterday. ________

C) 1- Find in the Text the synonyms of the followings (01 pt)

desert = ……………………….. very nice = …………………………….

2- Find in the Text the antonyms of the followings: (01 pt)

finished ≠ ……………………… next ≠ ……………………………….

Section two: Mastery of Language ( 07 Pts )

A) Put the verbs between brackets in the right form: (02 pts)

Yesterday Betty, Ahmed and Yacine Visited El- Oued and (buy)……. Souvenirs. Today, they (ride)……..camels and (have)………walk out of town. Tomorrow, they (travel)……to Gharaia, a town famous for its market.

B) Turn the following sentences into the negative form: (02 pts)

1- Next week, they will visit Hassi Messaoud

2- It is a big town in the south.

3- They took some photographs in Biskra.

C) Classify these words according to the pronunciation of 'ed': (03 pts)
Stopped – arrived – visited – guided

Part two: Integration Phase ( Written Expression) (06 pts)
Write a short paragraph (60 – 80 words) speaking about a trip you have done or you want to do in the future.
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PostSubject: Re: Second Term English Test   Fri 27 Mar - 22:57

A well organized paper. Thank you, madam

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Thank you dear "Guest" for visiting this thread

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Second Term English Test

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