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February 2019


 Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam

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PostSubject: Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam   Sat 17 Oct - 11:06

How to prepare for exams -- For students

student friends you people may be of different types. I know many of
you, no all of you are so brilliant students.Yet ther may be some
problems regarding your studies Let's discuss it here.Many of you may
be working hard and getting good marks and some of you may be working less but still managin to get high marks in exams you may be wondering how it happens?.And
also ther will be a few of you study well but still not able to score
well in exams.Don't worry there are some very simple tips by following
which you can become master.

Study skills tutor

there are no short cut to success this is the first thing you should
remember. For this reason you have to study well first of all. But the
preparations are different for different types of exams. Some
competitive exams need long term preparation while your school level
exam may needpreparation of one or two weeks.

The 1st tip : Never fear or hate exam and be confident.

students study well but still may be much afraid of exams and due to
this reason they get distracted and won't be able to score marks.So
leave all ur fears and freeyour mind before starting the study. You
have to be confident and it is a great power that will lead you to

The 2nd tip: Prepare a good time table.

a time table before starting the study. This should include all the
subjects but may not be with equal priority. Tough subjects can be
given more time and easier ones less but most importantly there should
be time for entertainment and also sufficient intervals between

The 3rd tip: Select a proper atmosphere for studying.

need to explain this point. Study atmosphere has very important role.
Can anyone study well while watching TV? So select a place where you
feel comfortable. That is where you feel relaxed. And importantly it is
better to study early morning when all the surroundings will be in
silence and you can concentrate more. Your concentration really counts.
And one 'secret' if you study facing East, you can improve your marks
upto 15%!!!!.

The4th tip : Make notes while studying.

is a very important point. While studying make small notes and that
should not be descriptive make theme brief sothat you can remember all
pointswhile doing revision with the help of that note.

The 5th tip: Sleep well.

have to sleep well.Sleep deprivation study shows that Optimum hrs for
sleep is 6hrs. Especially on the night before exam you have to sleep
well. Remember this will have a great effect on your exam so sleep
well.And don't forget to have a glass water before you go to bed, a
small trick to keep your brain cells charged!!!

The6th tip : Present well.

presentation is a major factor that affects your marks. The teachers
may not be able to read all what you have written. They will scan for
points. So try to present answers in points. And also underline the
important points. Your hand writing may not be good enough no problem
if you presented it in god manner you can score more marks.

The 7th tip: Never malpractise in exam hall.

students never malpractise in exam hall as it may even affect your
future. If you don't know answer don't write no problem if you have
followed the above steps no problem if one goes still you can score
good marks.

The 8th tip: Believe in God, Belive in you.

last but not the least point pray well before the exam and your mind
should be free atleast 5 minutes before exam. Pray can give immense
energy and peace to your mind that will defenitely do good for you.And
it is much important that you are confident about what you can and will
always produce pleasant result.

Also remember one thing please
don't discuss soon after exams.This won't do good and may affect your
coming exams.If your friends are discussing question paper avoid them
and come to house soon.

above all you think about your parents their difficulties and
sufferings and how they care you , you owe to them much, don't you?.
The best gift you can give them is your victory. So never dissappoint
your parents. Study is not for them they are compelling you to study
for your future. And ultimately what I have to say is that You have a
lot of opportunities now.If you are serious in your studies for a few
years of your life then the remaining part of your life will be
fruitful and you people shall never stop study after getting a degree
or a small job always look for higher studies and aims big hurdles like
CAT, GRE, IAS etc.So think your self and try your best.

and this is for you when you will be parents (hahahahah)

How to prepare for a test

Parenting tips

Parents I know how much you are concerned about your child's studies.
But you also have to take some preparations.You can be your children's
guide.So please do the following tips.

1: Often Visit your child's school and his/ her teachers and get feedbacks about your child.
Speak openly to your child sothat he/she feels that they are safe to
share any of their problems with you and thus keep a good understanding
relation with your child. Don't blame them if they got low mark else
give them confidence and gave them the feeling that you are always with
them. This will increase their confidenc.

3: Sit with your child and help them in their studies whenever you get time.And also help them in making a good time table.

with them and try to make them aware about the imporatance of study and
make them aware that you are caring their studies

Allow them also to play watch television etc. and if possible
participate them in some extra caricular activities. This will have a
long term effect in your child's personality development.Remember a
sound mind in a sound body so allow them to play well.

carefull in the food items that you are giving them on exam days. Don't
give them food items such as potato or tapioca on the day of exams and
also food items with much chilly in it not desires. Instead Curd, milk
, honey, choclate having cocco with in etc. may do good. Also show
cares in their sleep also allow them to sleep 6hrs.

7. While going to exam wish them and send them happily. Don't make them unhappy on exam day.

students may be suffering from over sleepness, deppression etc. Some of
they need medical treatment take them to clinic. for example if over
sleepness is there the haemoglobin level in blood may be low so check
it and cure it. For deppression you may meet a counsellor. Parents have
to be extra care full in these cases.

If you
followed all this steps and write exam without fear and with prayer
your success is a must, because you all are so brilliant students.

______o-o-o-o-0-0- Orléans Ville English Language Teachers' Forum -0-0-o-o-o-o______

Guest, watch your thought , it becomes your words...Watch your words they become your actions...Watch your actions they become your habits...Watch your habits they become your character...Watch your character it becomes your destiny
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PostSubject: Re: Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam   Fri 18 Oct - 17:13

Well...The collaboration of Parents and Teachers may reduce exam stress and increase chances for better results. study 

______o-o-o-o-0-0- Orléans Ville English Language Teachers' Forum -0-0-o-o-o-o______

Guest, watch your thought , it becomes your words...Watch your words they become your actions...Watch your actions they become your habits...Watch your habits they become your character...Watch your character it becomes your destiny
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Head of the Forum
Head of the Forum

PostSubject: Re: Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam   Fri 18 Oct - 17:23

I would suggest tutors . Each teacher should tutor a small group( 15-20 students) of students and try to reduce their psychological and social stress, thus, helping them overcome their troubles.The tutorial may be done through meetings or via the net ( emails, skype...etc).

______o-o-o-o-0-0- Orléans Ville English Language Teachers' Forum -0-0-o-o-o-o______

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PostSubject: Re: Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam   Fri 18 Oct - 18:59

Thank you for these golden tips ,Sir Redouane sorcerer_OV sorcerer_OV and for your  brilliant idea,Mrs.Nor clap_ov clap_ov 
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PostSubject: Re: Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam   

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Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam

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