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March 2019


 Third Trem exam

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Guermoud Hadiya
Active Member
Active Member
Guermoud Hadiya

PostSubject: Third Trem exam   Sat 30 Jan - 14:07

Ahmed Kadi Middle School Sidi Lakhdar

Date: Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
Timing: 10.30 to 12.00

4AM Final Examination of English

The Text: President Barack Obama
Barack Obama will have a unique place in American history forever because in 2008, he was elected the first African American president.
Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. Barack’s mother was a student at Hawaii University. There, she met then married Barack’s father, a student from the country of Kenya in Africa. After a few years of marriage, his parents divorced and Barack was raised by his mother
and grandparents.

Barack had an eventful life right from the beginning. He lived for about six years in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather. Later, he returned to Hawaii where he received American education. When he finished high school, he studied Political Science in 1983 at Columbia University in New York. A short time after graduation, Barack moved to Chicago and got a job there. After he studied Law and graduated with honour in 1991 from Harvard University, he returned to Chicago and worked as a lawyer. He married Michelle Robinson in October 1992 and they have two daughters.
In 2006, Barack announced his ran to the US presidency and won the Democratic nomination against Hilary Clinton. After two years of campaign, Barack won the presidential election of 2008.

Part One (14 pts)

1-Reading Comprehension (7 pts)

A-Read the text carefully and answer the following questions (2pts)
-What is Barack Obama?
-Did he have a simple life?

B-Read the text and write True / False or Not mentioned (2pts)
-Barack Obama was elected president of the United States in 2009. …………
-Barack is American but from African origin. …………………
-Barack was the Republican nominee for the presidential election. ……………
-Barack saw his father only one time (once) in 1971………………….

C-Which sentence best summarizes the text: (1pt)
A-Barack Obama is the first black president of the United States.
B-Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton sought the nomination of the Democratics
C-Barack Obama was elected president of the United States in 2008 after a life full of events, hard work and success.

D-What do these words mean? Choose the correct meaning: a, b or c (2pts)
1-President means the person who rules …………….
a-a country b-a kingdom c-a tribe

2-Graduationmeans ……………….
a-finish high school b-finish university and pass the last exams c-start work

3-Receivedmeans ……………….
a-got b-worked c-stayed

4-Education means ……………….
a-teaching only b-learning only c-teaching and learning

2-Mastery of Language (7pts)

A-Make one adjective from each of the following




B-Rewrite the following sentences into the negative form (2pts)
-Barack lived in Hawaii.
-The Black Americans can be equal to the Whites.

C-Match the questions in column A with their answers in column B (3pts)


-Who first brought the black Africans to America?

-How long have the black Americans suffered from

-When did Lincoln stop slavery?

-In January

British colonists did.

about 200 years.

D-Pick out from the text four words and complete the table correctly (2 pts)

/ d /
/t /
/ id /





Part Two (6pts)

Situation of Integration
Nelson Mandela, the previous president of South Africa, is the hero of his people. He is loved by all Africans and well respected internationally.

Use the information on the table below to write the biography of this great man of peace

Date of birth: July 18th, 1918
Place of birth: Transkei, South Africa
Occupation peaceful leader / president of South Africa
Father’s job: chief of Tembu tribe
1944: form African National Congress peacefully /fight racism provide obligatory education for all children go to prison many times
1993: win Nobel Prize for peace
1994: become president of South Africa
Good Luck

Mrs. FB Kh
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Honour Member
Honour Member

PostSubject: Re: Third Trem exam   Mon 1 Feb - 21:12

I think the text is suitable for first year level with some changes, of course. Thank you, madam

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Third Trem exam

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