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January 2019


 Ibn Sina - Exam

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PostSubject: Ibn Sina - Exam   Wed 11 Aug - 18:20

Ibn Sina

Ibn sina (Arabic) , 980-1037
was a Persian philosopher who spent his life as a physician and
scholar-in-residence at many Islamic courts, He died while in service in Isfahan. Many of his
writings were translated in the west. Inn sina's works are concise, precise and
complete, the most notable being a philosophical encyclopedia. As did other
Muslim scholars of the Greek school, he attempted to put together philosophy and
Islam. For Ibn sina philosophy was the true path to understanding. His summaries
of Aristotle reval a Neoplatonic outlook, especially in his emphasis on the
dualism of mind and matter as passive and creation as the act of instilling
existence into this passive substance; only in God are being and existence
one.Ibn Sina also wrote numerous works on medicine. His best known is the Canon
of medicine, based primarily on Greco-Roman medical tracts. An extraordinarily
popular work, If was translated into learning in European universities for

Part one: (14pts)

A - Reading Comprehension : Read the text carefully then to the activities : (7 pts)

Activity one : Answer the following questions
according to the text
: (2 pts)

1 – Who was Ibn sina ?

2 – Who were his works described?

Activity two : Say true / false (c.w.s) : (2 pts)

Ibn sina tried to loin : Philosophy and Islam

According to Ibn sina : Philosophyis not
really as important as it was thought by Greek scholars.

Ibn sina was interested in : Philosophy only.

Activity three :

a) Find in the
text words, phrases or expressions having the same meaningas
: (1 pts)

short = …………… Famous =

b) Find in the
text words, phrases or expressions opposite in meaning to the following
: (1 pts)

active ≠ …………… death

B – Mastery of
: (7 pts)

Activity one : classify the following words
according to the pronunciation of their diphthongs
: (2 pts)

Stone – buy – here – air – nose – spear – five - there.


l e

e a










Activity two : Complete the following
sentences. With the appropriate relative pronouns : which / where / who
: (3 pts)

1 – Harun al Rachid ……………… was the fifth abbasid Caliph was a great warrior.

2 – People from several countries used to come to Baghdad ………… they studied
different sciences.

3 – The maincause ……………led to the disintegration of
the empire was its division between the Caliph's sons.

Activity three: Put the verbs between brackets
into their correct tense
: (3

1 – If scientists (to go) back to the study of plants,
they (to find) many medicines to serious diseases.

2 – You (not to succeed ) if you (not to do) your best
in this life.

3 – Ibn sina (use to be) an excellent philosopher but
he (not to realize) that plants will not be taken into consideration.

Part two : (6 pts) Written expression

Write a short paragraph about Harun al Rachid making the best use of the
information below (use used to / didn't use to / the relative pronouns)

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Guermoud Hadiya
Active Member
Active Member

PostSubject: Re: Ibn Sina - Exam   Sat 14 Aug - 14:16

It's a too rich collection. Thank yoyu sir

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Ibn Sina - Exam

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