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March 2019


 More test for studentsSwine Flu

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PostSubject: More test for studentsSwine Flu    Sat 9 Oct - 10:33

Swine Flu
H1N1 is the Swine flu(also called Piginfluenza and hog flu).People may get this disease from other people, not frompigs.
Thisdisease originally was named swine flu because the virus that causes thisillness came from pigs.The virus contains genes from swine,birds and human flu viruses.The swine flu virusesthat spread among pigs aren’t the same as human flu viruses.
Symptomsof swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular human flu .Theyare fever, cough,headache,a runny nose,body aches,vomiting and an extremefatigue.
The WorldHealth Organisation (WHO) has declared swine flu to be pandemic that means allthe nations may well expect to see swineflu .Maybe we will stop it very soon.

SectionOne: Reading Comprehension
A)Read the text, then answer the following questions:(3pts)
1- What is swine flu?
2-What are thesymptoms of swine flu?
3-Can you get swine flu from pigs?

B)Read the text and choose the correct answer(2pts)
1-Swine flu isfrom : a)humans b)pigs c)birds
2-Swine flu is also called: a)influenza b)flu c)hogflu

C- Lexis:1)Find inthe text words that are closest in meaning to the following: (0.5pts)
Perhaps= ..................
2- Find in the textwords that are opposite in meaning to the following: (0.5pts)

Mastery of language (7pts)
A)- Complete with: maynot-can -might :(2pts)
1-Man ........have swine flu from animals.
2-Animals.......have swine flu from man.
3-......You you tell me what is swine flu?

B)Read these sentences and then complete the table:(2pts)




1-People can die from swine flu.
2-May I ask questions about swine flu?
3-Can you tell me what is swine flu,please?

C)Supply the correct form of can:/kœn/ or /kjn/ (2 pts)
1-Can swine flube very dangerous? ................
2-Yes,itcan ............

SectionTwo:Situation of integration (6pts)
H1N1 swine flu can be very contagious,can’ it?You mayhave it from another person.What may you do or nto do to not have swine flu.Writea short paragraph and use the modals(may,may not can,might)
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PostSubject: Re: More test for studentsSwine Flu    Sat 9 Oct - 10:34

Man’s capabilities
Thereare many things that man could do nowwhich he couldn’t do years ago.For example he can fly across the oceans and the seas by means ofplanes.He can go to the moon on spaceships.He can see another one phoning,hecan cure diseases which he couldn’t in the past.
However,man’s present abilities to do these things are the result of past achievementsmade by exceptional inventors and scientists.Man was able to discover theimmense capacities of his intelligence. Since that time,he has never stoppedusing it to facilitate his life.These great achievements have reallyameliorated not only his material conditions but also his health and situation at work.The possibility to eatregularly,to live in comfortable houses and to move to distant places withmaximum of safety has become accessible to almost everybody.
Part One : ( 14 pts )
A) ReadingComprehension. ( 07 pts )
a/Read the text and answer these questions: (3pts)
1)How many paragraphs are there in the text?
2)What’s the title of the text?
3)What can man do now?

b/Read the text again and choose the correctanswer: (2pts)
1) In his text,theauthor speaks about man’s:
à a-Talents b-abilities c-education
2)According to the author man’s life became:
à a-difficult b-boring c-easy

c/Lexis:Matchdefinitions with words from the text. (2pts)
1)isable to=..........
2)hasfinished =........

B) Mastery of Language. ( 07 pts )
a)Completethe gaps with: can/was able to/could (2pts)
1)ChristophColumbus ......disccover America in 1492.
2) Man....cureillnesses in the past but now he......do it.

b)Classifythe following sentences in their correct ( 3pts)

Past achievement

Past ability

Future ability

1/Man wil be able to cure swine flu.
2/Magellan was able to cross the ocean.
3/Man couldn’t cure flu.

b)Put in the cross(×) in the correct conlumn: (2pts)


/ k n/

/k n/

1/I can play the guitar.
2/No,I can’t

Part Two : “Situationof Integration “ (6pts)

Now,you area young girl or boy , you know about your abilities and inabilities.Write aboutthings you can do or you can’t do .
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Head of the Forum
Head of the Forum

PostSubject: Re: More test for studentsSwine Flu    Sat 9 Oct - 13:02

May all your deeds be rewarded Mrs.Lamis.

______o-o-o-o-0-0- Orléans Ville English Language Teachers' Forum -0-0-o-o-o-o______

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PostSubject: Re: More test for studentsSwine Flu    Sat 9 Oct - 15:57

a good job. Thank you, madam
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PostSubject: Re: More test for studentsSwine Flu    

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More test for studentsSwine Flu

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