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June 2018


 Ramadhan Thoughts

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PostSubject: Ramadhan Thoughts   Fri 20 Jul - 0:44

[left]Start your Ramadhan guilt free!

My deepest love and respect to you and your beloved ones on the advent of Ramadhan. Like the other 1.5 billion Muslims on this earth, I am sure we cannot wait to start fasting daily and enjoying the blessings of prayer and Holy Quran in this month. Many positive feelings overtake us this month: excitement, happiness, anticipation of blessings and reward, joy upon meeting family and friends regularly and the delight of amazing delicacies on the Iftar table!

However for many of us, it is the negative emotions that predominate at the start of this month: fear of yet another unsuccessful Ramadhan, apprehension and guilt. We start this month of Ramadhan feeling guilty for being away from Allah (SWT) for so long; for not having read Holy Quran this year until now; of not having prayed any Tahajjud prayer until now; of not having fasting throughout the year - except for now. This guilty feeling leads to a lot of negativity in our approach to this month and perhaps to the lack of optimism in retrying those special attempts we had made before to read the whole Quran or to pray Tahajjud every night or some other good deed in Ramadhan. In fact for so many of us, guilt takes us away from Allah (SWT) and makes us feel inferior and sometimes cripples us to lesser levels of aspiration and success. "What can this poor slave of Allah (SWT) achieve anyway, when he is so engrossed in sins having done so many evil deeds?" For many - the thought of what we have done in the past - cripples us to what we can do in the future.

However, I would like to ask you all to approach this Ramadhan guilt free! Free of guilt of the past. Why worry about something you can't change? It is not the past that should worry us or bother us, rather what could happen in the future. The past is the past - we can't change the sins we have done in the past - so to constantly focus on that for the vast majority of us - is far more crippling for the future than anything else. The prophetic guidance is to regret the past sins and missed opportunities, whilst fearing the future possible sins and being weary of missing future opportunities.

It is as Ibnul-Qayyim said in Nooniyyah: "By Allah, I don't fear my past sins, since I have sincerely repented to Allah (SWT) and Allah (SWT) loves to forgive. However, what I truly fear is that in the future this heart of mine will cease to rule by this Quran and this revelation."

Remember that Allah is Al-Wadud - the loving God - He is the one who loves you more than your own parents! So overpowering is Allah's mercy that it has transcended His anger. So wide is His Mercy that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said: "If the disbeliever knew of the extent of the Mercy of Allah, then none would have despaired of entering His Paradise!" [Reported by Muslim] And plus, what past sins, when your sincere repentance with Allah's Mercy would have wiped it away and replaced it with equivalent good deeds: "Except him who repents and believes and does a good deed; so these are they of whom Allah changes the evil deeds to good ones; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." [Al-Furqan 25:70]

My friends, how do you dare to think that Allah (SWT) does not love you? If He hated you, why did He keep you alive till another Ramadhan? If He hated you, why does he provide for you even when you disobey Him? If He did not love you, why is He allowing you to taste the sweetness of loving Him this month by fasting and praying? If He didn't love you, why did He keep you upon Islam?

So come back to Al-Wadud - your loving Lord - the one who loves you more than anything else. He is waiting for you and is more happy with you remembering Him than you can imagine. If you come to Him today, He will rush to you. If you remember Him, He will remember you. If you talk about Him, He will talk about you to those with Him. If you say sorry O Allah, He will forgive you and turn them into good.

So start your Ramadhan guilt free and enjoy a month of renewed emaan and focus on the good that you can do this month. Learn from the past mistakes, but focus on the future! It is truly as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said: "Verily actions are judged by their endings."

With all my love and prayer for your success in this holy month of Ramadhan.

Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury
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PostSubject: Re: Ramadhan Thoughts   Wed 25 Jul - 23:29

Ramadan is the gift of God

Ramadan is truly a gift, a blessing from Allah during which the doors of Jannah (Paradise) are open while the doors of Jahannam (Hellfire) are closed. Ramadan especially gives us the opportunity to renew ourselves, recharge our iman (faith), purify our hearts, and set our goals and priorities – to improve and excel insha’Allah. In case our minds and hearts became distracted, Ramadan is the time for us to redirect our focus to the akhirah (hereafter), to join the race for Jannah.
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PostSubject: Re: Ramadhan Thoughts   Sat 28 Jul - 15:11

The holy month of Ram adan unites all Muslims infasting, feasting, worship and prayer. It is a time for contemplation,spirituality and brotherhood.

Here We consider some thoughts about RamadanKareem.

Themost important consideration in undertaking a fast, as in any act of devotion,is to seek nearness to God, and seek His pleasure and Forgiveness. This it-self generates a spirit of piety in man.

Creating the conditions of hunger and thirst for oneself, simply in
obedience to the Divine order, measures the faith of man in God and helps strengthen it by putting it to a severe test.

Fasting enhances through creation of artificial non-availability, the value of the bounties of God which man often takes for granted. This inculcates

in man a spirit of gratitude and consequent devotion to God. Nothing else can
bring home to a man the worth of God's bounties than a glass of water and a square meal after a day long fast. This also reminds man that the real joy in enjoying God's bounties lies in moderation and restraint and not in over indulging.

Fasting makes us deeply conscious of the pangs of hunger and discomfort suffered by the less fortunate among our brethren. They have to put up withdifficult conditions all through their lives. It thus kindles in man a spirit of sacrifice leading to change towards his suffering brethren.

Fasting gives man an unfailing training in endurance, a spirit of
acceptance. This could well prepare him to put up with the unchangeable
situations in life in the same spirit of resignation as cultivated during the

Fasting develops courage, fortitude, and a fighting spirit in man to

surmount the heavy odds in life with a cool and tranquil mind. It sharpens his power of concentration to overcome obstacles through a vigorous exercise all throughout the month, leading to a steeling of his will power and resolve that could help him in challenging situations in life. It is seen than many an undesirable habit which is difficult to give up, is more easily given up during the days of fasting.

Fasting teaches man reliance on God, and confidence in Him. Just as the
vigorous state of fasting for a whole month is undertaken with His assistance,
bitter situations in life could also be surmounted with His help.

Fasting develops a spirit of patience in man, with the realization that
the days of fasting, though seemingly unending, do have a successful and happy end. Thus is life. All bitter situations pass, and come to an end.

Fasting is meant to conquer anger and develop self-control in man. The
vigorous effort required putting up with hunger and thirst can well be extended to conquer other infirmities of human character that lead man into error and sin.

Fasting inculcates a spirit of tolerance in man to face unpleasant conditions and situations without making his fellow beings the victim of his wrath. Many people, when facing discomfort and deprivation, become irritable and annoyed. This anger is then vented on those around them. Fasting helps a man become more tolerant despite his own discomfort.

Fasting mellows a man and enhances his character, giving a jolt to the
human instincts of pride, haughtiness, jealousy and ambition. Fasting softens
his character, and clears his heart and mind of many negative emotions.

Fasting exposes the weakness of man in the event of his being deprived
of two basic bounties of God; food and drink. It infuses into him a spirit of
weakness and submission, generating humility and prayer in an otherwise arrogant being.

Fasting breathes the spirit of forgiveness in man towards others, as he

seeks God's forgiveness through fasts and prayers.

Fasting gives lessons in punctuality. Man has to adhere to a strict
schedule of time in the observance of the fast.

Fasting could affect the economy of the individual as he is less
wasteful on food and meals.

Fasting demands a rigid sense of discipline, mental, spiritual and
physical. This forms characteristics which are an essential ingredient to
success in life.

Fasting creates spiritual reformation in man, infusing him with a spirit

of enthusiasm and zest to change and become a better human being in the eyes of God. This is an excellent opportunity, given to believers each year, to change themselves and consequently their destinies.

On the physical side, fasting cleanses the human system of the accumulated impurities of uninterrupted eating throughout the year. It prepares the body to face diseases or conditions of scarcity. The rigid abstinence of a fast regulates man's health, sharpens his intellect and enhances the qualities of his heart.

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PostSubject: Re: Ramadhan Thoughts   Mon 30 Jul - 23:40

The blessed month of Ramadhan has dawned upon us once again alhamdulillah; an opportunity to reflect & attempt to clear our minds & lives of the worldly things that we have grasped onto & become so accustomed & dependant upon &to instead replace these with love, knowledge & understanding of our beautiful deen insha'Allah.

Every year we are given an
opportunity to experience the blessed month of Ramadhan, but do we take this opportunity for granted?

I remember
someone very close to me who I lost just over two years ago; I remember the very special zeal & excitement that they had for the month of Ramadhan, in fact just before this special person left the dunya they had even prepared for their payment of zakat not knowing that very soon before the holy month would start they would be no more in this dunya...

remembering this made me start thinking; How well prepared are we to make this ramadhan our last? There is no guarantee that we will see the Ramadhan of next year...

How well prepared are we to leave this dunya & to answer those vital questions in our graves? Will we be able to recall the answers that we are expected to answer to the angels? Do our worldly actions reflect on how easy or hard our life of the grave will be? Life is so short that before you know it has come to an end. Not one of us is certain of when we will leave this dunya, so shouldn't we be preparing for this unexpected departure more than anything else?

The grave
is a lonely place where we will all be alone with no one to help or save us; we will leave behind all our worldly assets, pleasures, family &friends...before we know it our visitors will become few and less frequent & then as generations pass we may be forgotten as someone who existed in the past; if we are remembered. The world will carry on but we will be alone,experiencing the life of the grave until akhira....

I leave you
with a verse from the Holy Qur'an to contemplate upon:

“What is
the life of this world but amusement and play? But verily the Home in the Hereafter, – that is life indeed, if they but knew.” (Qur’an, 29:64)

remember me, my family & the entire ummah in your humble dua'as during this holy month,
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PostSubject: Re: Ramadhan Thoughts   Tue 31 Jul - 0:27

It's very interesting.

May Allah guide us in His Right Path and help all the muslims around the world to fast in good conditions and worship His Almighty as much as we can during this Holy month.

May Allah bless you Madam.
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PostSubject: Re: Ramadhan Thoughts   

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Ramadhan Thoughts

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