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February 2019


 BEM Sample

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PostSubject: BEM Sample   Thu 29 Nov - 12:10


estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child work-one in six
children are engaged in hazardous situations or conditions,such as working in
mines,working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or working with
dangerous machines.They are everywhere but invisible toiling as domestic
servants in homes, labouring behind the walls.

Children living in the poorest households and in rural areas are most
likely to be engaged in child labour.Millions of girls who work as domestic
servants are especially vunerable to exploitation and abuse.

Work often interferes with children’s education.Ensuring that children
go to school and that their education is of good quality are keys to prevent
child labour.

: Reading Comprehension (7pts)

A)Read the text and (5pts)

1-Find how many paragraphs are there in the text.

2-Find in the text the number of children who work.

2-In which paragraph it is mentioned that school is
good for children.

4-What does the underlined word in the text refer to?

5-Find two expressions to show that children do
dangerous works.

C- Lexis:1)Find in
the text words that are closest in meaning to the following: (1pt)

maids= .................. job=...............

2)Add a prefixe to
make an opposite:(1pt)

correct= responsilbe=

Mastery of language (7pts)

A)- Write the
correct form of the verbs in brackets

UNICEF organization (to help) children while they go to school.As soon as they (to start) studying,they will find jobs
for their parents.In the future,they (to be able to) promote children’s

B)Complate the conversation using :SO/ Neither:(2pts)

A:I can
understand English. A: I don’t
like cheating.


C)Supply the correct intonation ( 2 pts)

1-Which subject do you prefer? 2-How will you improve your life?

Section Two:Situation of integration (6pts)

You are a girl/boy of geat expectations.Write a letter
to your teacher and tell her about your dreams,hopes and whishes for the
future.Use time conjunctions(when,before,after,as soon as,during....
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PostSubject: Re: BEM Sample   Thu 29 Nov - 12:16

Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him),who was born in Makkah in
571AD, was an

orphan.His father,Abdullah,died before
he was born.His mother , Amena,died when he was a child of six.He lived with
his grandfather,whose name was Abdul Muttaleb,and then with his loving
uncle,Abu Taleb.

Mohammad(peace be upon him)was poor
and he worked as a shepherd to help his uncle.Later,he looked after his uncle's
trade .He was always honest and people called him The Truthful:"Al Sadiq
Al Ameen".When he was twenty-five years old,he got married to a rich
widow,Khadija bint Khuwailed.

When Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him)was forty,he became the
messenger of Allah.He started spreading the message of Islam in Makkah.The
first few years were very difficult for the Prophet .In 622AD,Allah ordered him
to move to Al Madina where he lived on for eleven years.The people of Al
Madina supported him a lot.He died on the 12th of Rabei Al Awal,11
Hijra(633)in Madina.

: Reading Comprehension (7pts)

A)Read the text, then find what do the
underlined words refers to
: ( 1pt)

1- Who refers to............ 2-Where refers to..............

B)Read the text and match questions
and answers



When was the prophet Mohammad born?

2- How
was he?

3- What did he do?

4- Did
he die in 622?

a- Honest.

b- No, in 633 A.D.

c- in 571 A.D.

He became the messenger of Allah.

Lexis:1)Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following:

The inhabitants =
.................. dear=....................

Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following:

Rich‡.................... The last ‡....................

Mastery of language (7pts)

the verbs in brackets

-You (to know) the story of the
prophet,don’t you?

I have enough time,I(to write) the prophet’s biography.

-I won’t stop,until I (to read) the
whole book about the prophet.

-The prophet Mohammad(to use) to work
as a shepherd when he was young.

B)Complete the gaps using relative

1-Al Khawarizmi published a book....... was about ‘Algebra’.

2-Averroes of Cordova,........was also
known as Ibn Rchod,was a physician.

3-Ibn Rochd was born in
Cordova............he spent most of his life.

C) Pick out words that have these diphthong:Supply an(1)
example for each
(02 pts)

/ ai /

/ ei /

/ e ə /

/ u ə/

Section Two:Situation of integration (6pts)

Imagine yourself a journalist and you are asked to
write a biography of someone you know very well.Make
your paragraph more
informative and use relative pronouns and ‘used to’
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Site Reviewer
Site Reviewer

PostSubject: Re: BEM Sample   Sun 2 Dec - 12:53

Thank you, madam. May God reward you Heaven.

______o-o-o-o-0-0- Orléans Ville English Language Teachers' Forum -0-0-o-o-o-o______

Guest, watch your thought , it becomes your words...Watch your words they become your actions...Watch your actions they become your habits...Watch your habits they become your character...Watch your character it becomes your destiny
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Site Owner
Site Owner

PostSubject: Re: BEM Sample   Sun 2 Dec - 18:40

I can't say enough ()()() to you,madam!
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Site Owner

PostSubject: Re: BEM Sample   Sun 2 Dec - 18:42

Quote :
I can't say enough ()()() to you,madam!

OOPS the forbidden word !I am sorry
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PostSubject: Re: BEM Sample   

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BEM Sample

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