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May 2019


 The First International Conference on Teaching and Learning English

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The First International Conference on Teaching and Learning English  Vide
PostSubject: The First International Conference on Teaching and Learning English    The First International Conference on Teaching and Learning English  EmptyWed 30 Oct - 22:42

Université de Amar Telidji
Faculté des lettres et langues


The first international conference on
teaching and learning English
literature and civilization

11 & 12 November 2013

Organisatrice de la conférence / conference organizer: Dr. Fatiha Berrahal

Programme du colloque/ Conference program

Lundi 11 Novembre : Amphi Wiam/ Wiam Amphitheatre.

9h-9h30 : Accueil des participants à l’Amphi Wiam/ Speakers are greeted in the Wiam

9h30-10h30: Ouverture du colloque/ conference opening: accueil et remerciements/greetings
and ()()()

Rector – Joint-rector – Dean of the Faculty – the organizer
Présentations introductives/ Introductory presentations:

-Pr. Abbès Bahous, Mostaganem University/ part-time teacher at Laghouat University: “Eros
and the Church in Algeria: crossing borders through foreign literature”

-Dr. Ousmane Baa, Georgetown University: “Multi-cultural Proficiency: Boon or Bane in the
Age of Globalization”

10h30-10h45: pause café/coffee break

11h-13h: Sessions plénières / plenary sessions. Moderator : Ousmane Baa
-James A. Coghlan, Durham University, independent researcher : “English Teaching for

-Dr. Noureddine Guerroudj, UDL, Sidi Bel Abbès: “Enhancing EFL Learners’ literary
competence through a holistic approach”

-Mohammed BELBACHA, Phd Candidate, Oujda, Morocco: “Cross-cultural Education and
Social Change: Moroccan Fullbrighters as a case study”

-Dr. Belabbès NEDDAR, University of Mostaganem: “The Potential relevance of Literature
as a use of language in the EFL/ESL classroom”

-Mr. Messaoud Dadoune, UATL: “Le travail collaborative en séances de TD de Didactique”

13h-14h30: Pause déjeuner/lunch break

14h30-16h: Ateliers de travail/ Workshop sessions

Workshop 1: Didactique/ EFL Teaching. Moderator: James A. Coghlan

16h-16h30: pause café/coffee break

Amina Babou, University of Chlef “A gender-based Analysis of Learning English Pronounciation”
Messaouda Bendahmane & Asmaa
Larkem, ENS Constantine

“The Effect of Error Feedback on learners’ self-correction of
grammatical mistakes in EFL writing”

Nadia Kies, UDL, Sidi Bel Abbès “Striving to make students’ learning effective and efficient in the
context of the LMD reform”

Chahida Bensaid, University of
“Fairy Tales and Aesop’s Fables to teach Oral Expression to First-
Year LMD Students”

Workshop 2: Literature, Civilization, and Culture. Moderator: Pr. Abbès Bahous

Khadidja Belfarhi, University of Annaba “Linguistices vs Literacy analysis in the
understanding of English literature”

Chahra Beloufa, Phd candidate, Montpellier 3 “Cinematic literature and Visual literacy in British
literature classroom: The case of 4th Year English
Classical students”

Susi Herti Afriani, IAINN Raden Fatah Palembang
South Sumatra, Indonesia
“Cutltural translation of the text of Garuda
Pancansila Indonesia: The Linguistics Approach”

Tayeb Bouazid, University of Msila “Cognizant creative teachers in an innovative
teaching model process literacy history vs
linguistic code: the case of Oscar Wilde’s Social
allegorical Satire “The Happy Prince”

Ibtissem Adi & Adi, Master Student, UATL “Learning English through cultural exposure:
Daily life narratives”

16h-16h30: pause café/coffee break

19h30-20h30: Dîner pour les participants/ Dinner for Speakers
Anissa Khaldi, University of

“Speaking Instruction in the EFL classroom: Increasing learners’
willingness to communicate
Dr. Amine Belmekki, University of

“The LMD System for an EFL language policy in Algeria:
Considering a socio-constructivist National Project”
Mouna Feratha, Phd candidate,
Univeristy of Constantine

“Rethinking Assessment and its Role in Supporting the New
Educational Reform (LMD) in Algeria”
Amel Benaissa, Phd candidate,
University of Tizi Ouzou

“Gender and Language Learning Strategies to Oral Production”

Mardi 12 Novembre:
Workshop 1 : Didactique/ EFL Teaching. Moderator : Dr. Amine Belmekki

Houria Halil, University of Bejaia “Teaching Culture in EFL Classrooms: analysis of
Some teachers’ Practices in Higher Education”

Dr. Fouzia Bouhass, UDL, Sidi Bel Abbès “Behind the desk: A Close Look at the foreign
language teacher”

Ahlem Setrallah, ENS Bouzereah “Issues in EFL writing assessment: Helping
students develop as writers across the curriculum”

Dr. Samira Houcine & Amira Nouioua “The Intellectual dimensions of EFL teaching: An
Actual Challenge”

10h15-10h30 : Pause café/coffee break

Dr. Hafida Hamzaoui & Khayreddine Khelifi,
University of Tlemcen

“An Evaluation of the Algerian Educational
Reform: Spotlight on ELT”

Nacera Senhadji, University of Bejaia “The Dynamic Systems Approach through the lens
of individual differences”

Abdul Wahed Qassem Ghaleb Al Zumor, King
Khaled Universiry, Abha, KSA
“English in Arabia: A Threat to the Quality of
Higher Education”

Asma Kebiri, University of Naama “Implementing Cooperative learning among EFL
learners: Towards the Change”

Workshop 2: Literature, Civilization, Culture. Moderator: Dr. Belabbès Neddar

Dr. Mohammed Afkir, UATL “Teaching culture or Civilization: Setting up the

Laidi Toulgui, University of Msila “Using Primary sources: A strategy to promote the
teaching of civilization to students of English”

Nassima Kaid & Nawel Ouhiba, UATL &
University of Saida
“Teaching American Civilization through

Omar Rahmoun, University of Tlemcen “Film Adaptation as a Pedagogical Tool for the
Teaching of Literature”

M. Boudjelal, University of Mostaganem “Divulging the Seamy Side of an Extolled
Algerian Educational System: Spotting the
intercultural Cracks within the LMD System”

Hassiba Boukhatem, “English literature teaching in the Algerian
University within the context of the Implied
Reader Theory”

10h15-10h30: pause café/coffee break

Workshop 3: ESP/ICT. Moderator: Maria Àngeles Alcara Ariza & Dr. Noureddine


Souhila Benmansour, University of Tlemcen “Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning:
The Interactive White Board in the EFL Context”

Mustapha Gasmi, ENS Laghouat “The e-mail as a tool for surveying EFL learners’
needs and providing feedback”

Mohammed Halimi, University of Ouargla “The use of CALL vs the Traditional teaching

Dr. Mohammed Melouk, UDL, Sidi Bel Abbès “The Benefits of New Technological Tools in EFL

10h15-10h30: pause café/coffee break

Maria Àngeles Alcara Ariza, University of
Alicante, Spain
“Medical English: A Note on Foreign

Nawel Mabitil, University of Mascara “Based on Needs and Situation Analyses: A Step
toward elaborating an ESP curriculum for Physics

Abdel Karim Belhadj, UATL “ESP a confined approach: An Updated pedagogy
or hidden technology”

Awicha Benabdallah, Phd Candidate, University of
“ICT Integrating Business English Teaching: a
Plea for Intercultural Awareness”

Dr. Salima Maouche-Ketfi, University of Bejaia “Internet-Based activities and Intercultural
Dimensions to promote EFL Learners’ Creative

Table ronde – mise en commun par les responsables de séances des problématiques,
commentaires et questionnements principaux qui ressortent des divers ateliers; discussion

Round table – the panel moderators will come together and bring forth the main
questions/issues raised throughout the conference, which lead to a discussion with the

13h-14h30: pause déjeuner/lunch break
14h30-17h30: visite touristique de la ville de Laghouat/ Touristic tour of the city of

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The First International Conference on Teaching and Learning English

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