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May 2019


 Second Term Exam 3AS (Safety First:GMFs)

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Second Term Exam 3AS (Safety First:GMFs)  Vide
PostSubject: Second Term Exam 3AS (Safety First:GMFs)    Second Term Exam 3AS (Safety First:GMFs)  EmptyMon 27 Jan - 19:42

PART ONE.     Reading and Interpreting: Read the text carefully then do the activities.

            Developments in genetic engineering technology have led to an increase in number of food products that contain genetically modified ingredients in the worldwide markets. However, due to lack of scientific studies, the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in most kinds of food is currently ambiguous.  

             Foods both for humans and animals consumption are being imported from countries which are known to produce GM foods. Therefore, an attempt has been made to screen foods sold in the world markets to detect GMOs in the food. For this purpose, samples  are collected from various markets in the world have been screened. Further confirmations and GMO quantifications were performed by renowned Scientific Institutes on Food Safety. Results indicated that a significant number of food goods sold were tested positive for the presence of GMO. Interestingly, certain processed foods were tested positive for more than one transgenic events showing complex nature of GMOs in food samples that can threaten populations health.  

               To sum up, the results of this study clearly indicate the need for well-defined legislations and regulations on the selling of approved GM food and its labelling to protect consumers' safety and  their rights to be well-informed about what they really eat.


A/ Comprehension:                                                                                                                          (8pts)

1-Say whether the following statements are true or false according to the text:

a) Scientific and technological progress played a role in the appearance of GMFs.

b) Processed foods do not hide genetically modified organisms.

c) Laws must be well-framed on the commercialization of genetically modified food.


2- Answer the following question according to the text:

a) What is the progress that have led to the enhancement of genetically modified foods.

b) Who confirmed the GMOs quantifications in foods.               

c) Were certain processed foods tested negative or positive for the presence  of GMOs?

d) When a test is revealed positive, does it mean that everything works well?

3- In which paragraph is it mentioned that explicit laws are required in the field of food.


4- Who or what do the underlined words in the text refer to?

       a) ...which...(§2)                                       b)...this...(§3)                                      c)...their...(§3)



5- The theme of the text is:

a) Genetically modified rice.     

b) Genetically modified foods.

c) Organic wheat seeds.


B/  Text Exploration:                                                                                                                           (7pts)

1- Find words  or expressions that are closest in meaning to the following ones:

a) universal (1st§)...                    b) the act of discovering the quantity of something (2nd§)...  



2- Find words or expressions that are opposites to the following ones:

a) formerly (1st§)...                     b) tagging (3rd§)...


3-Complete the following table:

Example:clarifyClarificationclarifying/ clarified
 ...development ...              


4- link the pairs of sentences using the connectors between brackets:

a) The government does not check most of the foods we import.    (It is about time)

b) Food safety is important for people's health.  They spend additional time reading the ingredients of goods.       (so/such + that)

c) Farmers should not have put a lot of fertilisers on their crops.    ( I wish)

5-Put the stress on the prominent stress:

                transgenic                technology                          detect                       quantification                    



Written Expression:     (5 pts)

 Choose only ONE topic.

Topic One:

          Use the following ideas to write an essay of about 120 words on the importance of organic foods for the human organism.

-food is important to both our body and brain  - organic foods are full of natural fibres and healthy elements to maintain the human body. Contrary to GMFs, organic foods do not harm our health- organic farming is to be encouraged and we should ban processed foods...


Topic Two:     

             Suppose you are an economist. Write a  public speech addressing a group of consumers about the negative effects of counterfeit products.
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Second Term Exam 3AS (Safety First:GMFs)

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